Crawfords Collection

Crawford Productions was founded in November 1945 by Hector Crawford and his sister Dorothy.  In the early years, the company produced many successful radio programmes which had both national and international audiences. With the advent of television in Australia Crawfords produced the country‚Äôs first independent Australian television program Wedding Day in 1956.  Over the next 50 years Crawford Productions have created many iconic Australian television programmes such as Homicide, Division 4, The Sullivans and Flying Doctors to name just a few.

The cast of Homicide, 1964 (L-R: Terry McDermott, John Fegan, Lex Mitchell)

In 2005 The AFI Research Collection received a large donation of materials from Crawford Productions when the company closed their Box Hill Site. The materials in our Crawford Collection include radio plays, scripts, stills, promotional items, background research materials and graphic materials. The collection provides a valuable insight into the Australian television industry.

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