Visit AFI RC

There is no charge to visit and use the AFI Research Collection (aside from usage of photocopier and other services such as copyright clearance). Librarians at the AFIRC are always happy to assist patrons who visit us.

To visit the AFI Research Collection, RMIT University City Campus.

  • Enter via the Swanston Library in Building 10, level 5 or level 6.
  • Turn right at the information desk on either level 5 or level 6.
  • On level 5 – proceed towards the shelves of books and take the internal circular stairs to level 6
  • On level 6 – proceed towards the shelves of books. Look for the yellow wall, this is the AFI Research Collection

The AFI Research Collection is a non-lending collection and a closed collection as well. This means all items remain at the collection and that we require all clients of the collection to fill in borrowing forms that list what items they want to view. The AFIRC staff fetch the items for clients, who then must return all items to staff after they have finished with them.

The above may sound complicated, but in actual fact it is relatively quick for AFIRC staff to fetch items for clients that are within the main library stacks. To retrieve these items usually takes a minute or so.

There are a number of items that are listed on the AFIRC catalogue as IN STORAGE. With these items AFIRC staff require a day’s notice to fetch them.

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