General Information for Applicants

RMIT’s AFI Research Collection, in partnership with RMIT Culture and the Screen and Sound Cultures Research Group at RMIT University is pleased to announce the 2022 AFI Research Collection Fellowship.

The AFI Research Collection (AFIRC) is an essential resource for Australian film and television scholarship. Its holdings reflect a diversity of materials (screenplays, production stills, special collections, press kits, and soundtracks) associated with film and television production in Australia. These unique and specialist collections are supported by comprehensive holdings of books, journals and industry publications from Australia and overseas. 

The AFIRC invites proposals from scholars wishing to undertake research that utilises the Collection’s resources and promotes the AFIRC. We actively encourage applicants who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, from the CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) and/or DGSS (Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities) communities and/or people living with disabilities, who meet the requirements of the Fellowship. The Fellowship is designed to showcase the unique holdings of the AFIRC, which include special collections, film stills, newspaper clippings and other significant artefacts from the Australian film and television industry.

What fields of research are eligible?

The AFI Research Collection Fellow may use the Collection as a resource for a research project investigating film and television production in Australia, or as a research object itself, e.g., an archival research project. The Fellowship is intended to promote the AFIRC through research that results in a published outcome, which may take the form of a book, a journal article, a film or digital project.

Who may apply?

The AFI Research Collection Fellowship is open to individuals who have a demonstrated interest and experience in Australian screen culture and research through research outputs or AV outputs

What support is available?

Depending on the requirements of the applicant, the Fellowship may be awarded for a period of between two and six weeks. The Fellowship will include the following in-kind-support:

  • open access to the AFIRC’s holdings and databases  
  • free printing and copying facilities

AFIRC staff will not serve as research assistants to the Fellow. The AFIRC staff will conduct an orientation tour and staff will be on hand to answer questions, but it is expected that the AFIRC Research Fellow will conduct their research independently. 

The Fellowship provides a stipend of up to $5,000 (AUD)

What are the requirements of and outcomes from the AFI Research Collection Fellowship?

Preliminary outcomes will be discussed during an introductory interview and can be modified, with mutual agreement, during the course of the Fellowship. In general, the AFI Research Collection Fellow will be required to:

  • undertake a significant piece of research for publication, presentation, performance or exhibition 
  • spend most of the time associated with their research at the AFIRC at RMIT University
  • present at least one public lecture, facilitated by RMIT Culture.
  • enhance AFIRC records, where relevant to the research project
  • notify the AFIRC of publications, presentations and other activities that relate to their AFIRC research period
  • make themselves available to publicise their research, and promote the benefits of having access to the AFIRC and the Fellowship program
  • acknowledge the support of the AFIRC in any publication, performance or presentation resulting from the research
  • upon acceptance of the Fellowship, sign an agreement which includes negotiated outcomes
  • make their own arrangements for personal insurances

At the conclusion of the Fellowship, the AFI Research Collection Fellow will be required to:

  • prepare a report of their research outcomes
  • provide the AFIRC with a copy of any research outcome
  • complete an evaluation of their time at the AFIRC

When can I apply?

Applications for the 2022 AFIRC Research Fellowship open Wednesday 27 July 2022 and will close at 11:55 pm (AEST) on Sunday 4 September 2022

What are the selection criteria?

Whilst acknowledging that each type of research may entail different approaches, the AFI Research Collection Fellowship Committee will assess applications according to the following criteria:

  • originality and innovation
  • relevance and significance
  • contribution to knowledge
  • the capacity for the transfer of knowledge to the benefit of the AFIRC, in terms of education and industry engagement
  • the effective and demonstrated use and exploration of the AFIRC

The AFI Research Collection Fellowship Advisory Committee will also assess each proposal according to

  • the likely level of resourcing required for each proposal, in both financial and human support terms
  • an evaluation of the risks, both strategic and operational, inherent in each proposal
  • the need for the project to be monitored and the governance issues that may need to be applied
  • the capacity for the success of the project, in terms of likely published outcome.

In some instances, the advisory committee may consult external referees or peers to assist in assessing applications. 

In assessing applications for the AFI Research Collection Fellowship, the Fellowship Advisory Committee will consider the following:

  • qualifications of the applicant
  • research experience and demonstrated quality of that research
  • record of completing research/creative projects within a given time frame and publishing/producing the results of that research/project, as confirmed by referees.
  • projects that have funding from additional sources will not be considered

To assess the quality of each research project, the Fellowship Advisory Committee will evaluate how

  • proposal has been created by preliminary investigation of the AFIRC’s catalogue and special collections
  • the project activity intends to make use of the AFIRC
  • the research question or artistic concept has been defined and mapped out with clear research methods
  • the results of the research will be made available (in publications, productions, performances, exhibitions, technical/scientific advances, or by other means) and how those results will promote awareness of the AFIRC
  • project will contribute to enhanced knowledge in its field

Please complete and return the application form (available here), along with:

  • a detailed research proposal
  • a current curriculum vitae, including a list of major publications and/or productions
  • relevant, a DVD show-reel and samples of audiovisual projects as MP3 files.

The Fellowship can only be awarded once to any individual. Unsuccessful applicants from past years are welcome to reapply.

For further information about the AFIRC Research Fellowship please contact:

Olympia Szilagyi– Librarian, AFI Research Collection

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained in this document is provided for general information purposes only and does not have any legal effect. Specific terms of engagement will be negotiated with successful applicants.

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