AFIRC Research Fellowship

The AFI RC Research Fellowship has been setup as to provide an opportunity for scholars wishing to undertake research that utilises the Collection’s resources and promotes the AFI Research Collection.

The fellowship has been designed to showcase the unique holdings of the AFI Research Collection which include special collections, film stills, newspaper clippings and other significant artefacts from the Australian film and television industry.

The AFI RC gladly acknowledges the support of the School of Media and Communications at RMIT University and the AFIRC Committee for the funding and administration of the AFIRC Research Fellowship.

Previous winners of the Fellowship

Who can apply for the Fellowship?

The AFI RC Research Fellowship is open to established researchers and audiovisual practitioners. These may include international and Australian applicants (resident citizens and expatriates) who have achieved eminence as academics, scholars, researchers, writers, audio and audiovisual practitioners, artists and archive professionals.

How do I apply for the Fellowship?

Feel free to contact the AFI Research Collection if you have any questions.

Edited by AFIRC librarian, October 23, 2019

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