The Henry Mayer Collection

In March 2003, the Australian Broadcasting Authority donated the Henry Mayer Collection to the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. Over his many years as an academic, Professor Henry Mayer assembled and annotated a massive collection of communications literature.

Please contact us about accessing the collection.

About Henry Mayer

Henry Mayer was and continues to be an icon of communications scholarship in Australia. As Professor of Government at Sydney University from the 1960s to 1980s Henry taught many people who went on to exercise a significant impact on media and communications policy and practice in Australia. He is remembered for his support and encouragement of researchers, his encyclopaedic knowledge and prodigious intellect. Henry was a founder of Media Information Australia and was its editor until his death in 1991. It was largely through Henry Mayer’s efforts that the academic credibility of communications studies in Australia was established.

“Donald Horne once said that he was certain that in Henry’s basement there was a stone slab upon which he lay every day while every article, paper, monograph, and book of interest to him that had been published in the preceding 24 hours was beamed into his capacious brain.”

Gil Appleton, Media Information Australia, no. 61, p.18

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