AFI Research Collection – not just film and tv

The AFI Research Collection is known for its film and television research resources. But did you know about some of its items that appeal to other disciplines? We’ve listed a few items below that are not strictly just about film and tv.

We hold Interview magazine from 1970-1985. This was the popular culture, fashion and art magazine that was founded by Andy Warhol.

The Crawford Productions Collection covers a broad range of materials about film and television production that shed a light on the creative processes that ran this large independent studio. Items include in production scripts (various drafts from the same episodes), producer notes, in depth research folders on character types, possible storylines, and historical research. Other notable items include: stills, publicity, and designs for props.

The poster collection at the AFI Research Collection holds examples of film posters from Australia and around the world, historical and up to date. We hold a number of books about film posters (e.g.: Soviet and Eastern Bloc, British, Film Noir) and the key artists involved.

If these or any other of our resources can be useful for you, feel free to contact the Librarians Alex and Cathie at or call us on 03 9925 2829.

We are always happy to give you an individual tour of the collection as well as providing tours for student groups.

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